Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Website Announcement.

IN order to maintain a more timely presence on the Web, we have moved this site our FaceBook page here:

( will point there from now on.) This BLOG will remain here for posterity, but will no longer be updated. Thank you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011 - Special Communication: Installation

We met for a wonderful meal for a Semi-Public Installation at the lodge at 6:30pm.
At 7:30pm, our District Deputy Grand Master, RW Charles E. Micklon and our own Wor. David Eaton Installed the new slate of Officers of Mt. Moriah for 2011 in due form.

Officers of Mt. Moriah Lodge, #56 for 2011

Wor. Michael Eric Berube, Master
Wor. Gene Lord, Sr. Warden
Bro. Shawn Fogg, Jr. Warden
Bro. Steve Robinson, Sr. Deacon
Bro. Melvin Hallas, Jr. Deacon
Bro. Ken Richardson, Sr. Steward
Wor. Lewis Bartlett, Historian & Jr. Steward
Bro. Bruce Scrimger, Marshall
Wor. Ernest Perrault, Chaplain
Wor. Jeff Solter, Secretary
Wor. John Pandora, Treasurer
Bro. Rick Molanson, Tyler

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 2010 - Regular Stated Communication and Annual Inspection

The Craft assembled for a wonderful pot-luck supper at 6:30PM and presented our Student of the Month Certificates for the months of September, October and November.

As our regular Photographer and Webmaster, Wor. Michael Eric Berube was in the East this evening, Brother Steve Robinson stepped up and presented the awards very well on behalf of the Lodge.

The Certificates are pictured immediately before the photo of the Presentation...

and one of all the recipients and their families...

In the absence of our seated Master, Wor. Michael Eric Berube assumed the East for the business meeting, the Fellow Craft Degree and Annual Inspection by R.W.Bro. Charles Micklon. Wor. Lewis Bartlett took Bro. Berube's seat in the South as Jr. Warden, Wor. Dave Eaton sat in as the Jr. Deacon and our most recently raised member, Bro. Bruce Scrimger did an admirable job as Marshall for the evening. All other brothers took their normal seats for the Degree work and meeting and did a superb job in their presentation.

During his closing remarks, RW Micklon offered his praise for the good work that Mt. Moriah does throughout the year, not only during this Inspection.

After a brief business meeting where we had three Wor. Brothers offer themselves up for consideration for the position of Worshipful Master of Mt. Moriah Lodge for 2011, the Lodge closed in Peace and Harmony at a little after 9pm.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 2010 Stated Communication

The brethren and visitors to Mt. Moriah met for the first time of our Fall/Winter 2010, had a great meal and a regular business meeting to ease ourselves back into the flow of regular business after a summer of many Benefit Breakfasts, Public Suppers, Strawberry Festivals, Vacation and all.

Nothing all that photo-worthy happened for the October meeting,but if any photos from all the activities over the summer surface, we'll add them here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 2010, Stated Communication and Steak Supper

Mt. Moriah Lodge, #56 met at 6:30PM for our Annual Grilled Steak Meal on the 16th of June for our last Stated Communication of the summer. We will be cloaked in darkness (closed) until our next Stated Communication in October. This by no means means that we will not be very active, only that we will not be holding our monthly meetings.

June is the month each year which we award the three annual Rayfield A. Payne Masonic Book Award and this year, our first annual Roger & Mary MacDonald Family Scholarship.

Ms. Savannah Smith is awarded one of our three Rayfield A. Payne Masonic Book Awards by Wor. Elihu Upham as her mom Eva proudly stands at her side.

Ms. Shannon Irish is well supported by her mom Amy, dad Charlie and boyfriend Zach as she is awarded one of our three Rayfield A. Payne Masonic Book Awards by Wor. Elihu Upham.

Ms. Mariah Stiles was also awarded a Rayfield A. Payne Masonic Book Award but was unable to attend the ceremony for the evening.

Mr. Daniel Stackhouse is congratulated for being awarded the first Annual Roger & Mary MacDonald Family Scholarship by Wor. Elihu Upham and Roger & Mary MacDonald's son our Bro. MacDonald.

Wor. Elihu Upham has had the pleasure of extending an invitation to his father, Bro. Nathan Acker, a place at his side in the East as he has led the Craft this year. Most Masons know that it is a very good thing and special honour to be able to call a father or son, your "Brother" as well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books For Bikes, 2010

For a few years, Mt. Moriah has sponsored a "Books for Bikes" competition at the Denmark Elementary School. For each book the kids read, they get a ticket which is put into a drawing for their class for one boys or one girls bike. Bro. Steve Robinson coordinates the lodge purchase and assembly of these bikes and makes sure that there are brothers there at the end of the spring semester to award them to the kids whose names are drawn at random for each class. It is a really fun way to encourage all of the kids to read more and they are very excited about getting a new bike and helmet!

This year, Bro. Steve Robinson, Wor. Ernie Perrault, Wor. Terry Blake and Wor. David Eaton were at the Tuesday morning award event on the 15th of June.

The Lodge thanks Wor. David Eaton's wife Wendy for attended the awarding of the bikes this year with her camera so that we could share these photos of the event with you.