Friday, January 8, 2010

Special Communication, Installation of Officers, 2010.

Mt. Moriah Lodge held a Special Communication for the purpose of Installing the Elected and Appointed Officers for 2010.

A delicious Roast Beef Dinner was served for the Semi-Public event and it was VERY well attended with 53 people in the lodge room for the evening.

The Installing Suite Wor. Anthony A. Pereira, Rt. Wor. Walter Lamb, Newly Installed Wor. Elihu Upham, Very Wor. Christian Ratliff and Rt. Wor. Barry Gilman.

The Officers of Mt. Moriah Lodge, #56 for 2010 C.E.

Wor. Elihu Upham presents Rt. Wor. John Clifford, Master of Delta Lodge, with the Traveling Gavel for bringing the most visitors to the Lodge for the evening.

The newly elected and appointed officers for Mt. Moriah Lodge for 2010 C.E. are:
Tyler - Wor. Peter Payne
Historian - Wor. Lewis Bartlett
Sr. Steward - Bro. Steve Robinson
Jr. Steward - Bro. Mel Hallas
Marshal - Bro. Bob MacDonald
Chaplain - Wor. Ernie Perrault
Treasurer- Wor. John Pandora
Secretary - Wor. Jeff Solter
Jr. Deacon - Bro. Rick Molanson
Sr. Deacon - Bro. Shaun Fogg
Jr. Warden - Wor. Michael Eric Berube
Sr. Warden - Wor. Gene Lord
Wor. Master - Wor. Elihu Upham

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